Categories:   Josei   Romance
Alternative: あなたを忘れたい; Anata wo Wasuretai; Heartbreaker; I Want to Forget You
Release: 2008
Author: Diana Palmer
Status: Completed
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Terry has been in love with J.B for 7 years. He is a wealthy and powerful playboy, but he took her in when she had nowhere else to go, and was like family to her. She hoped he would reciprocate her love one day...but J.B breaks her heart instead. "Do you think I would ever want you?" he tells her. Distraught, Terry runs out of the house and is involved in a road accident. When she awakes, her memory has reverted to when she was 17... When J.B used to care for her...
The series ANATA O WASURETAI is not available in Ten Manga.

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