Bokura No Sekai De Manga

Categories:   Romance   Shoujo
Alternative: 僕らの世界で。; 在我们的世界里; At the Our Place; Bokura no Sekai de.; Dunia Kami; Our World
Release: 2008
Author: MAMURA Mio
Status: Completed
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Bokura No Sekai De Manga Summary
From Midnight Scans: Kokoro and Haru's first encounter was the worst. Even so, they found out that they are both huge fans of the same band and started walking home together after school. One day, they meet up with the singer of that band, Kai. Haru is unhappy that Kokoro started crying because of how moved she was. He took her with him and left Kai. However, Kokoro is still excited...!? • Shuuroku Sakuhin • Bokura no Sekai de. • Bokutachi no Shunkan. • Ano Koro no Watashi Tachi ha.