Bokutachi Futari ga Koisuru Riyuu Manga

Categories:   Yaoi
Alternative: 僕たちふたりが恋する理由; Bokutachi Futari ga Koi suru Riyuu; The Reason Why We Two Are In Love
Release: 2009
Author: SOU Irime
Status: Completed
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Every day, high school student Hanamura Oyoshi is challenged in his part-time job as a helper for the aged. But one day - suddenly - a request comes from Sadamitsu Norihiko, an heir to a large enterprise, for a helper for someone recovering from sickness. From the first day, a bewildered Naoyoshi swears obedience, but their attraction is immediate, and the two share a kiss. But, suddenly, communication comes to a halt and they're no longer able to meet, and when they do meet again, Norihiko has completely changed into another person. A heart-trembling, sensitive love story!

Bokutachi Futari ga Koisuru Riyuu Manga Chapters

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