Cyber Alice and Inaba-kun Manga

Categories:   Mystery   Sci-Fi
Alternative: Cyber-Alice and Inaba-kun, Dennou Alice to Inaba-kun
Release: 2012
Author: KUSAKA Shinya
Status: Updated
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Cyber Alice and Inaba-kun Manga Summary
Shuuichi Inaba is a student of a special high school for young prodigies and one of the users of the newest and most popular application called 'Alice in Cyberland' - an app with an AI that enables its users to talk to them as with any other human. When some of the students of his high school start to get attacked by a mysterious culprit, Shuuichi is determined to find out who it is. In his investigation, he stumbles upon 'Alice' - a special kind of program, which, in return for helping him with the case, demands only to know something he would usually never tell anyone - his biggest and deepest secret.