Dakishimete Ii desu ka Manga

Categories:   Romance   Shoujo
Alternative: 可以抱緊妳嗎?; 抱きしめていいですか; Can I Hold You Closely?; Dakishimete Iidesuka; Hitorijime Shitai
Release: 2009
Author: HANAYA En
Status: Completed
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Dakishimete Ii desu ka Manga Summary
“I can’t bear to be separated from you, because you’re so cute.” Because of Ushio’s excellent grades, he is forced to leave his beloved girlfriend, Ruka, and go to Tokyo University. Ruka is very beautiful, but also a little stupid, and other men frequently mess around with her, so he is worried that someone might take her from him, but if their relationship turns into a long-distance one… Includes: Dakishimete Ii Desu Ka Hitorijime Shitai Suki to Ienakute Majo Sweets