Eko Eko Azarak Manga

Categories:   Drama   Fantasy   Horror   School Life   Shounen   Tragedy
Alternative: エコエコアザラク; Eko Eko Azaraku; The Wizard of Darkness
Author: KOGA Shinichi
Status: Updated
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Eko Eko Azarak Manga Summary
When the chant "Eko Eko Azark" sounds, something will occur, be it within the town or the school!A classic horror manga, Eko Eko Azarak follows Misa Kuroi a witch who transfer to a new school and the bizarre horrors which she encounters there.While relatively unknown outside of Japan, the series was extremely well received domestically. It lasted for 19 volumes, and spawned a six volume sequel, an OVA, two TV series and six live action films.