Flower (WADA Naoko) Manga

Categories:   Drama   Romance   Shoujo
Alternative: フラワー (WADA Naoko); Flower~フラワー~; Flower~花~; Mặt trời bé con
Release: 2000
Author: WADA Naoko
Status: Updated
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From Forbidden Garden: 14 year-old Aoi is an upbeat girl who has big dreams for her future, though her main one at the moment is getting into N High. Aoi is both popular and pretty, even being voted Pure Teen Magazine's reader-model. Accompanying her is her childhood sweetheart Ryuuta, the number 1 slacker in the school. Though the two bicker often, mostly about Ryuuta's consistently low scores and lack of studying, it is apparent that they both harbor feelings for one another. Unfortunately, Aoi's dreams and love are tested when an accident renders her handicapped. Aoi and Ryuuta must now find a way to cope and see if their love endures the many trials ahead.