Categories:   Comedy   Romance   School Life   Yaoi
Alternative: 学園ヘヴン; 学園ヘヴン 七条編 ~SWEET SWEET DARLING!~; 学園ヘヴン 中嶋編; 学園ヘヴン 丹羽編; 学園ヘヴン 遠藤編 ~Calling You~; 學園天堂; Academy Heaven; Gakuen Heaven - Calling You; Gakuen Heaven - Closer to You; Gakuen Heaven - Sweet Sweet Darling!; Gakuen Heaven Nakajima-hen; Gakuen Heaven version Endou ~Calling You~; School Heaven; Gakuen Heaven (HIGURI Yuu)
Release: 2003
Author: Spray
Status: Updated
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Keita Itou—a boy with no special qualities other than superb luck—suddenly receives an acceptance letter from the renowned all-boys Bell Liberty Academy (a.k.a. BL Academy). Attracted by the school’s prestige, he decides to attend. However, on the day of his transfer, he gets into a freakish traffic accident. Luckily, no one is injured...but the incident arouses the attention of both the Student Council’s president, Tetsuya Niwa (a.k.a. the king), as well as the head of the Budget Council, Kaoru Saiyonji (a.k.a. the queen).
The series GAKUEN HEAVEN (HIGURI YOU) is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.

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