Gokusen Manga

Categories:   Action   Comedy   Drama   Josei   Romance   School Life   Slice Of Life
Alternative: ごくせん; 极道鲜师; 極道の先生; Gokudo no Sensei
Release: 1999
Author: Morimoto Kozueko
Status: Completed
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Yamaguchi Kumiko is the granddaughter of a Yakuza boss and is completely at peace with the fact that she is the heir of her grandfather's empire. However, she leaves most of that up to the rest of the family and their talented lawyer, whom's she has more than a slight crush on. Instead, Yakumi works hard to fulfill her hearts desire to be a teacher. But she must hide her background so she doesn't get fired from her first teaching job, which is at a school filled with tough kids and difficult students.
The series Gokusen is not available in Ten Manga.

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