Haigakura Manga

Categories:   Fantasy   Josei   Shoujo
Alternative: ハイガクラ; 稗记舞咏; Hai ga Kura
Release: 2008
Author: Takayama, Shinobu
Status: Updated
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Haigakura Manga Summary
From CoyoMoose: Nozomu wants to be a writer, but for now she’s just trying to find the right story. Walking home from school one day she bumps into some guys, and even though it’s an accident, they hassle her until she is saved by a mysterious man. He is Ichiyou, and he is searching for Gods. Nozomu sends him along his way only to be approached by Tenk?, who is searching for Ichiyou. Nozomu reunited the two (and their abusive relationship), and tags along for the adventure.