Honkai Impact 3 Manga

Categories:   Action   Comedy   Fantasy   Sci-Fi   Supernatural
Alternative: 崩坏3rd; Honkai Impact 3rd; The 3rd Collapse Impact
Author: MiHoYo
Status: Updated
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Honkai Impact 3 Manga Summary
A Manhua adaptation based of the popular smartphone game Honkai 3rd launched by miHoYo「Collapse」 ... An unknown force once known bury the civilization of mankinds in the distant past ... now descended into this peaceful world once again.B.C. Year 2000 - Civilization of human beings that suddenly collapsed because of impact several natural disasters at once, due to periodic of several natural disaster, people have repeatedly passed the history of building a civilization-cycle and collapsing-cycle.The long battle against 「Collapse」 exhausted the Earth, mutated 「Collapsed Beast」 began to appear around the world. People who survived established a 「Organization of Destiny」 to find a ways to avoid extinction. As a result, the existence of the 「Collapse Phenomenon」 leading to the disappearance of several living organisms and the appereance existence of 「Stigmata」 with opposing power were confirmed.Three years ago, the greatest disaster in the history of collapse, called the 「Third Collapse Impact」, went down to Chungai City, which is the land of the Far East China where Kiana Kasrana lives. Kiana, who survived by the 「Collapse Impact」 due by the blood of the Kasurana family She succeeded adapted infection radiation and obtain the superpower. But the damage was enormous, leaving a big scar on the hearts of people and Kiana herself.Kiana who lost his mother in a battle of the past and disappeared by his father decided to confront 「Collapse」 and got accepted into the battleship · 「Hyperion」 's battle team 「Valkyrie unit」 to fight against the force 「Collapse&Stigmata」.- Stand Up, Battle Girls! To Protect This Beautiful World#description based GooglePlay