Joousama no Shirousagi Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Fantasy   Romance   School Life   Shoujo
Alternative: 女王大人的白兔; 女王様の白兎; Joo-sama no Shirousagi; Joou-sama no Shirousagi; Joousama no Shiro Usagi; Queen's White Rabbit
Release: 2011
Author: OTO Hisamu
Status: Updated
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From Sapphire Sky: Nishina Yukito, who is the only boy in a family of girls, moved out of his house in hopes of a peaceful life. One day, he sees something strange on the roof of the school. It's a spaceship and a mysterious girl with a crown emerges. She introduces herself as the imperial Princess Lacey of Planet Kura-ura, who claims that she is searching for the White Rabbit, who is supposed to help her fulfill the wishes of ten humans... and Yukito is the rabbit?!