Categories:   Comedy   School Life   Slice Of Life   Shounen Ai
Alternative: 金持ち君と貧乏君; Kanemochikun to Binboukun; Rich-boy and Poor-boy
Release: 2012
Author: Hideyoshico
Status: Completed
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Meiji Haruhito (Kanemochi-kun/the rich boy) just can’t understand Misaki (Binbou-kun/the poor boy), but quickly falls for him anyway. However, Haruhito’s love life is under threat. Not from a cute girl or ex-lover, but from his own grandfather. The boys’ grandfathers knew each other when they were young and Haruhito’s grandpa is delighted when he meets Misaki, who looks and acts like his late friend and (unrequited) love.
The series KANEMOCHI-KUN TO BINBOU-KUN is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.

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