Categories:   Fantasy   Yaoi   Shounen Ai
Alternative: 空中庭園; Floating Garden; Garden in the Sky; Kuuchuu Teien
Release: 2006
Author: Homerun Ken
Status: Completed
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This is Sahaquel, a beautiful country surrounded by the vast blue sea where the south wind blows softly on your cheek throughout the year. One day, Aisha, who worked in the red-light district was bought by Karim, the illegitimate son of a rich Elhazard merchant family, who happened to be in the area attending some business. However, no roles were given to Aisha after his redemption, not even the role of Karim’s lover (which is what he was supposed to be). Despite being confused about this, Aisha vowed to devote his everything for Karim’s sake…

KUCHUU TEIEN Manga Chapters

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