Categories:   Gender Bender   Josei
Alternative: くらげひめ; 海月姫; 海月姫 〜くらげひめ〜; 海月姫 英雄列伝; 헤파리 공주; Jellyfish Princess; Jellyfish Princess: The Heroes Series of Biographies; Kurage Hime; Kuragehime: Eiyuu Retsuden; Kuragehime: Heroes Retsuden; Princess Jellyfish
Release: 2008
Author: Higashimura Akiko
Status: Updated
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Kurashita Tsukimi is a "kurage (jelly fish) otaku" girl who wants to be an illustrator. She comes to Tokyo and starts to live in a girl-only apartment Amamizukan. One day she meets a fashionable lady, who saves a jelly fish. But she turns out to be a man in drag.
The series KURAGEHIME is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.