Categories:   Drama   Fantasy   Horror   Shoujo   Supernatural
Alternative: 吸血姫 美夕; Kyuuketsu Hime Miyu; Kyuuketsu-Hime Miyu; Kyuuketsuki Miyu; Vampire Princess Miyu
Release: 1988
Author: Kakinouchi Narumi
Status: Updated
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Miyu is an eternally youthful, 13-year-old vampire. Her peculiar appearance; golden eyes, pale skin, and hair tied with a ribbon in a strange fashion, are concealed during the day. Miyu is the Guardian (or Watcher), whose duty it is to return the Shinma - god-demons that prey on humans - to the dark. She has the power to call forth fire, which burns Shinma and sends them to the dark. Her only companion, friend, and protector is Larva, a Western Shinma who is bound to serve her. Together, they hunt stray Shinma across Japan. How Miyu became a vampire is unknown, so is how and why she became the Guardian. However, more mysterious is the gift she bestows on the people she feeds from...

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