Kagerou Nostalgia Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Fantasy   Shounen
Alternative: 烈炎剑豪; 陽炎ノスタルジア
Release: 1999
Author: Kubo, Satomi (Story & Art)
Status: Updated
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Kagerou Nostalgia Manga Summary
From Boku-Tachi: For the past 500 years, a certain country has spent day and night fighting countless wars. However, the appearance of General Kyoutaka Kuroda seemed to foretell the end of this war-torn world with eighty percent of the country already under his rule. His followers are the People Hunters, indiscriminate murderers who suddenly started killing under Kuroda\\\'s orders 15 years earlier. In foreign countries, in their own villages, men, women, children and the old...there were no distinctions made. Kuroda\\\'s followers simply murdered...and enjoyed it. Happening upon a lone priest with the eyes of his dead sister, a displaced young man named Kazuma struggles against the demons of his past and present. In this strife ridden land how will he fare?