Kamen Rider Spirits Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Horror   Martial Arts   Mecha   Sci-Fi   Seinen
Alternative: 仮面ライダーSPIRITS; Masked Rider Spirits
Release: 2001
Author: Ishinomori Shotaro
Status: Updated
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A lonely and bleak-spirited police officer named Taki Kazuya works in America, though the fires that once drove him seem to have burnt out. A supernatural attack on children - his friends - revives the fire that once burned brightly within! Together with the help of Kamen Rider 1, Hongo Takeshi, he drives off the threat. However, he learns that there is a greater threat looming on the horizon and sets out to find Kamen Rider 2, Ichimonji Hayato.
The series Kamen Rider Spirits is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.

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