Katsuai no Ouji-sama Manga

Categories:   Romance   Shoujo   Mature
Alternative: 渇愛の王子様; Aoki Koi no Hajimari; Gekijou no Oujisama; Katsuai no Oujisama; Kokou no Oujisama; Prince of Parched Love; Sokubaku no Oujisama
Release: 2006
Author: YUSA Aki
Status: Completed
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Katsuai no Ouji-sama Manga Summary
From Midnight Scans: Koyuki started dating a super handsome guy named Kanomitsu, who is known as the Prince of Ice because of his cold words and manners. Being touched by his true kindness and straightforward love, they were able to live a peaceful life, until his brother suddenly makes an appearance. That's when she discovers the truth of what had made him lock away his heart...