Kiss Dake ja Kaesanai Manga

Categories:   Ecchi   Romance   Shoujo   Sports
Alternative: キスだけじゃかえさない。; Kiss Dakejya Kaesanai; Kiss that Started a Love; Kiss明星王子; halik na nagsimula ng pagmamahal (Tagalog, Pilipino); Kisu Dake Ja Kaesanai; Kisu dake Jiya Kaesanai
Release: 2005
Author: Shigano, Iori (Story & Art)
Status: Completed
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The private school, Cross School that Ryoko attends, is a special school that has an art faculty. However, Ryoko does not have any interest in people from the art faculty! Unlucky for her, the well known [Prince of the Art Faculty], Sei, stole her first kiss <33 Furthermore Sei keeps clinging to her without a reason, causing her to get excited. But Sei is younger than her, has a huge ego, and is super perverted! Oh my gosh~!! Ryoko, what is gonna happen now!?!?