Knights Manga

Categories:   Adventure   Drama   Historical   Shounen
Alternative: Knights
Release: 2006
Author: Murao, Minoru (Story & Art)
Status: Updated
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Knights Manga Summary
Knights is a shounen manga tale about squire Mistletien, called \'Mist\' for short. Taking place in a medieval world in which the church and her representatives are burning people en masse on suspicion of witchcraft, Mist and his organization are taking a stand against the church and the \'Saints\' who are perpetuating the witch hunts. Mist is feared and hated by the village-folk because of his appearence, wearing a mask to disguise himself and going by the moniker \'The Black Knight.\' He travels with Euphemia, a young girl who is as expert with mixing potions and poisons as Mist is with a sword, and together they rescue those who are to be executed on suspicion of witchcraft.