Koakuma Kiss Manga

Categories:   Romance   Shoujo
Alternative: 小悪魔キス
Release: 2009
Author: KIJOU Arito
Status: Completed
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Koakuma Kiss Manga Summary
From Midnight Scans: After my Mom got married to her second husband, it made Chinatsu my younger brother. At first, I thought he was surely a perfect brother after seeing his angel-like smile, however, the truth is that he is really a pervert and very ill tempered! I was surprise when I found out my angel-like younger brother is really a little devil?! Will I just allow him to abuse me?! Includes: Koakuma Kiss (Kiss by the Small Devil) Motto Koakuma Kiss (Kisses by the Small Devil) Motto Motto Koakuma Kiss (More and More Kisses from the Small Devil) Koakuma kiss -Again- (Kiss by the Small Devil -Again-) Kimi no Junjou, Otome no Jijou (Your Pure Heart, Maiden's Situation).