Categories:   Comedy   Ecchi   Gender Bender   Romance   School Life   Seinen
Alternative: まよチキ!; 美少年管家的秘密!; 迷茫管家与懦弱的我; Mayoeru Shitsuji to Chikin na Ore to; 迷える執事とチキンな俺と; The Wavering Butler and Myself the Chicken
Release: 2010
Author: Asano Hajime
Status: Completed
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Konoe Subaru, 17, has been serving as the butler of Suzutsuki Kanade in school, a classmate of Sakamoto Kinjirou. Due to an accident, Sakamoto discovers Konoe's secret... that he's actually a girl!? Apparently she will be removed from her position if anyone at school finds out. What will unfold from this chain of events?

MAYO CHIKI! Manga Chapters

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