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Categories:   Comedy   Ecchi   Romance   School Life   Seinen
Alternative: えむえむっ!; Emu Emu!; MM一族
Release: 2008
Author: Matsuno Akinari
Status: Updated
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Because of a certain incident, Sado Tarou learns that there is a problem with his body. He derives pleasure from girls doing "this" and "that" to him. To cure his body, and so that he can confess to his love "Shihori Hime", he approaches the Voluntary Club- a school group that tries to fulfill students' wishes. He goes only to find Isurugi Mio, a girl with the gross misunderstanding of being a god, and Yuuno Arashiko, the most hated existence for Tarou since she is the cause of his problem...

MM! Manga Chapters

The series MM! contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18. Please click here to continue the reading.