Orange Chocolate Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Gender Bender   Romance   Shoujo
Alternative: オレンジチョコレート; 橘子巧克力; Orange Chocolate อลวนรักสลับร่าง
Release: 2008
Author: Yamada Nanpei
Status: Updated
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Orange Chocolate Manga Summary
A romantic comedy with a distinctly Japanese flavor. Next-door neighbors Chiro and Ritsu have been best friends since childhood. Ritsu, the eldest son of a family of traditional nichibu dancers, is thrust into the public eye as his career takes off, and his growing fame begins to test the pair’s friendship. And now the twist: when a wish made at a shrine actually comes true, Chiro and Ritsu find themselves inhabiting each others’ bodies. A further complication arises because Ritsu is not just a dancer, he is a famous onnagata, or female impersonator, popularly known as the “Courtesan Prince.”