Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki Futatabi Manga

Categories:   Fantasy   Historical   Romance   Shoujo
Alternative: お伽もよう綾にしき ふたたび; Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki Futatabi
Author: HIKAWA Kyouko
Status: Updated
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Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki Futatabi Manga Summary
Suzu and Shinkurou have come home! Suzune and Shinkurou fought together with the mononoke Ojaru-sama and the tengu Genpachirou to protect Ima Province from the youma Kifune! Just as peace has been restored, the newly married couple is summoned by the military governor of Ima Province Ootegawa-sama, and it’s decided that they’ll travel to the capital. However, along the way they find that some kind of creature is hindering their path?! *For the complete details, please see the 5 volumes of Hana to Yume Comics’ “Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki” !Prequel:> Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/otogi-moyou-ayanishiki-r2843 )