Categories:   Action   Drama   Ecchi   Horror   Romance   School Life   Seinen   Supernatural
Alternative: 幽霊王; Yuurei Ou; The Phantom King; Yuurei Oh; 유령왕
Release: 2009
Author: Im Dal Young
Status: Completed
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Meet Eun Sung-min. A Teenager who was a survivor of a terrible attack by the ones only know as "EVIL" by eradicating everything. As of right now he is living with his maid (Who is blind.) When they are approached by a name from S.E.P.A. They are here to gain his and his maid's cooperation not only to find a way to combat "Evil" Born from the emotions of mankind, but to discover the truth behind the "Phantom king" of whom he remembers from that attack 11 years ago.
The series PHANTOM KING is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.

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