Pocket Monster Reburst Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Shounen
Alternative: ポケットモンスターReBURST; Pocket Monster Réburst; Pocket Monsters Réburst; Pocket Monsters Reburst; Pokémon RéBurst; Pokemon Réburst; Pokemon Reburst
Release: 2011
Author: KUSUDE Jun
Status: Updated
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The protagonists are Ryouga, a boy with superhuman strength, and Miruto, a girl who works for an organization tracking the villains. The plot centers around Burst, the ability to use crystals with Pokémon stored in them to transform into human-Pokémon hybrids. Ryouga's Burst is Zekrom, and one of the villains' is Excadrill. On rare occasions they actually use Pokémon.
The series Pocket Monster Reburst is not available in Ten Manga.

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