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Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Fantasy   Harem   Romance   School Life   Shoujo   Slice Of Life
Alternative: S・L・H ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ!; S・L・H ~ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ~; S.L.H - Stray Love Hearts!; SLH; Stray Love Hearts!
Release: 2008
Author: Shouoto Aya
Status: Completed
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On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Kozue Hiyoki is visited in her dreams by a man who steals her heart- literally! Determined to find him and retrieve her stolen heart, Hiyoki, with the color of the man’s hair and the tattoo on his chest as her only leads, enrolls in the S-Hall dormitories of St. Nazareth Academy, but quickly realizes that its residents are not at all like she expected… For starters, they’re all guys!