Categories:   Comedy   Fantasy   Historical   Mystery   Romance   Shoujo   Supernatural
Alternative: 桜姫華伝; 櫻華姬傳; Sakura Hime Kaden; Sakura Princess Legend; Sakura-hime Kaden; legenden om princessan sakura (swedish); Prinzessin Sakura (German); Princess Sakura Legend; The Legend of Princess Sakura (Loose Translation); Sakura Moon princess; Ang alamat ni Prinsesa Sakura (Tagalog)
Release: 2008
Author: Tanemura Arina
Status: Updated
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Sakura is a princess who lives alone with a few maids in a mansion deep in the mountains. She's been engaged to the prince of the country since she was born. She doesn't like that fact, as she wants to decide her fate on her own. However, one day, a messenger from the prince suddenly came to take her to the capital...