Categories:   Action   Comedy   Historical   Shounen
Alternative: 山賊王; King of Bandits; King of Thieves; Sơn Tặc Seyu
Release: 2001
Author: Sawada Hirofumi
Status: Updated
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Nagakado was a fairly normal boy, albeit a trap genius. He and his father lived comfortably in a small town. However, that innocent family had secrets that Nagakado was only half-aware of. Everyone in the family line interited a strange sword, a black katana that is much heavier than it looks and is only usable by people of Nagakado's bloodline. They also passed on a strange star-shaped mark on their chests, and as Nagakado inherits the mark, the mark on his father's chest fades.
The series SANZOKUOU is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.