Categories:   Comedy   Drama   School Life   Slice Of Life   Mature   Yaoi   Smut
Alternative: 星陵最恐物語; 星陵最恐物語 リミテッド; 星陵最恐物語 矢野×石田編; 星陵最恐物語リターンズ; Beyond Scandalous Seiryo University; Return to Scandalous Seiryo University; Scandalous Seiryo University; Seiryou Saikyou; Seiryou Saikyou Monogatari - Yano x Ishida Hen; Seiryou Saikyou Monogatari Limited; Seiryou Saikyou Monogatari Returns; Seiryou Saikyou Monogatari: Yano x Ishida Hen; Seiryou Scariest Tales; Seiryou Scariest Tales Limited; Seiryou Scariest Tales Returns; Seiryou's Scariest Tales; Seiryou's Scariest Tales Limited; Serenade (TATSUKAWA Kazuto)
Release: 2003
Author: Tatsukawa Kazuto
Status: Updated
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Volume 1: Chapters 1-2: Being the notorious school president of Seiryou Academy, Hashizume had control over every student and staff member. But when the transfer student Misonoi appears with his nonchalant and unassuming attitude, Hashizume sees his newest challenge in taming this new toy.
The series SEIRYOU SAIKYOU MONOGATARI is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.

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