Categories:   Comedy   Romance   School Life   Shoujo
Alternative: 先生、聞いてよ; 老师,好好地听哟; 老師,聽我說嘛!; Natsu wa Ginga no Ame ga Furu; Sensei, Kiiteyo; Sensei, Listen Up, Yo; Yo Sensei, Listen Up
Release: 2010
Author: Makita Nao
Status: Completed
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16 year old Satonaka Shi, is an honor student who doesn't want to be a dull girl who can only study; she wants more from her school life. And, as a one-way-ticket is offered, she must make a choice: to remain a bookworm or to turn a new leaf. And a wonderful surprise awaits her when she finally finds out what her goofy homeroom teacher, Nishioka Senshiro, does late at night with his free time.
The series SENSEI, KIITE YO is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.

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