Shitsujisama to Himegoto Manga

Categories:   Romance   Shoujo
Alternative: 執事様と秘めごと; 執事様と秘めごと BLACK LABEL; Secret with Butler; Shitsuji-sama to Himegoto; Shitsujisama to Himegoto Black Label
Release: 2008
Author: AOI Saki
Status: Completed
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From Midnight Scans: Eri is a normal high school student, who feels satisfied with her life, if there are Red Tea and sweets around. However, fate plays a trick on her, and she is assigned to learn the art of making tea from Secret Garden’s #1 butler, Ijuuin!! Mr. Butler’s lesson is exciting and strict, and, sometimes… pleasantly perverted?! In the Shitsujisama to Himegoto series: 1) Shitsujisama to Himegoto 2) Black Label