Shounan Junai Gumi Manga

Categories:   Action   Comedy   Romance   School Life   Shounen
Alternative: しょうなん じゅんあいぐみ!; シヨウナン ジユンアイグミ!; 湘南純愛組!; 湘南纯爱组!; GTO The Early Years; Shonan Jun'ai Gumi; Shonan Junai Gumi; Shonan Junai-gumi; Shonan Pure Love Gang!; Young GTO; คู่คนลุยเลอะ
Release: 1990
Author: Fujisawa Tohru
Status: Completed
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Before Ekichi Onizuka would become the "Greatest Teacher in the World," he and Ryuji Danma were members of the infamous biker gang, Oni Baku. When they weren't out riding around and getting into trouble, this duo could be found in school. Doing what you ask? Picking up young women of course!
The series Shounan Junai Gumi is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.

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