Sukinara Sukitte Ieyo Manga

Categories:   Romance   Shoujo
Alternative: スキならスキって言えよ!; If you love me, say 'I Love you!'
Release: 2004
Author: OOYA Kazumi
Status: Completed
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From Nekohana: 1) Sukinara Sukitte Ieyo! - New male teacher Himeno at an all girls school is confronted by class chairman Asuka, will hearts collide as well as tempers? 2) Uso Toki Doki Honto - Himeno and Asuka are in somewhat bliss, but what will happen when their relationship my leak out and doubts creep in. 3) Love ver. 5 - When ruff-and-tumble Hokuto is looked upon kindly by a Miharu, what will he think when he goes to her house and finds her 5 beautiful male roomates? 4) Hard Bread Morning - When Rikako meets Tooru she's taken on a whirlwind 'date' and ends up working at the bread place with him. What's under his mean demeanor and passion for making bread? The first 2 chapters are the main story and the last 2 are oneshot stories.

Sukinara Sukitte Ieyo Manga Chapters (Watch Sukinara Sukitte Ieyo Online?)

Chapter Name Date Added
Sukinara Sukitte Ieyo (Complete) Friday, February 17, 2012

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