Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Psychological   Seinen   Sports
Alternative: 天; 天和通りの快男児; Ten; Ten - The Blessed Way of the Nice Guy; Ten - The Nice Guy on the Path of Tenhou
Release: 1989
Author: Fukumoto Nobuyuki
Status: Completed
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Takafumi Ten is called to a mahjong club one night to play again Ikawa Hiroyuki, a young mahjong player. Having just robbed Ten's friends blind at mahjong, Ten arrives to take back his winnings.. Ten's mahjong style becomes more apparent as the game progresses...amateurish! Ten cheats in the last round, using a move called the Tsubame Gaeshi, and winning with a Tenhou hand. Hiroyuki is angered once Ten admits he cheated after the game. Will he come to understand Ten's "Way of Tenhou", where Ten willingly cheats and gets beat up in response for his friends? Will Ten unlock his true mahjong potential or cheat forever?
The series TEN - TENNA TOORI NO KAIDANJI is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.

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