Categories:   Action   Adventure   Fantasy   Historical   Martial Arts   Supernatural
Alternative: 天界无限; 天界無限; Tiān Jiè Wú Xiàn
Release: 1999
Author: Wee Tian Beng
Status: Updated
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This series relates the camaraderie and heart-stopping exploits of the Celestians, extraordinary people who live during the tumultuous Warring States Era. Living in a world of their own - a place known as the 'Celestial Zone' - they cultivate special powers beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Unfortunately, some of them branch into the cultivation of the evil power of corruption, bringing destruction and sorrow to the mortal world. The series centres around the war that starts between the Celestians.
The series THE CELESTIAL ZONE I is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.

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