Categories:   Action   Drama   Romance   Shoujo
Alternative: 咆哮女郎; 巴がゆく!; 巴がゆく!; Run, Tomoe!; There goes Tomoe!; Tomoe goes!; Tomoe Will Go!
Release: 1987
Author: Tamura Yumi
Status: Updated
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TOMOE GA YUKU! Manga Summary
After the death of a close friend, Tomoe, a former roller skater, joins a famous stunt men troupe, the Green Ship. The head of this troupe, Kazusa, becomes her lover, but Tomoe soon discovers that the Green Ship is a sinister crime organisation and that her dear Kazusa is a cold-hearted killer. A difficult struggle begins for Tomoe, not only against the organisation but to get away from Kazusa, who wants his lover back, dead or alive!