Categories:   Drama   Fantasy   Mystery   Supernatural
Alternative: Dalawang Susi (Filipino); Dua Kunci (Malaysia)
Release: 2009
Author: Chloe Chan
Status: Updated
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TWO KEYS Manga Summary
Summary: Sick of lost dogs and cheating husbands, Colin Aston decided to wash his hands of his previous job as a private-investigator and open a diner instead. Life was going well until a beautiful woman--known only as "Audrey"--shows up one day and requests that he accept a case regarding a missing man--in which the failure to do so could once again spark a devastating war between the humans and the magical denizens of the city. Bound by guilt and a weakness for blondes, Colin accepts the case and soon finds himself neck deep in conspiracies, false identities, the occult, and more than he ever wanted to admit about his city and himself.