Tell Me How to Forget About You Manga

Categories:   Romance   Adaptation
Alternative: キミの忘れかたを教えて
Author: Momose hanada
Status: Updated
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Tell Me How to Forget About You Manga Summary
"I’m dying, but you still won’t forgive me. “With half a year remaining――I’m going to die as is.” Dropping out of college and becoming a NEET, Matsumoto, Shuu, who felt it wasn’t worth living anymore, visited his alma-mater through the invitation of his long time friend, Tomi-san. That was where he met his childhood friend turned celebrity, Kiriyama, Sayane… The wheel of fate turns for Shuu once again. A heroine who is lonely despite being a prodigy, a protagonist who strives to become a normal person. Though different from each other, both will be drawn together through the ups and downs of their youth." (NovelUpdates) Manga adaptation of the light novel by あまさまみどりi with character designs by フライ.