Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Romance   Shoujo
Alternative: Đại dương sâu thẳm(Vietnamese); 海よりも深く; 바다보다 깊게; Deeper than the Sea
Release: 1998
Author: Yoshimura Akemi
Status: Updated
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Nemuko, a college student, is told by a fortune teller with spiritual powers that she will die 3 years later. A few days later the fortune teller is arrested for fraud. But on a news program, the fortune teller's words at the time of his arrest are reported, "I didn't take money from anyone who I saw had the shadow of death." Nemuko doesn't remember paying any money, and one after another, other things that he foretold become reality...
The series UMI YORI MO FUKAKU is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.

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