Usotsuki na Gemini Manga

Categories:   Romance   Shoujo   Tragedy
Alternative: うそつきなジェミニ; Lying Gemini; My Fragile Love; Untruthful Gemini; Usotsuki na Jemini
Release: 2008
Author: MIYAWAKI Yukino
Status: Updated
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From Shoujo Crusade: Aoi and Rin are twins who are very close to each other. Aoi is a tomboy who is also a big kendo nut while Rin is a budding designer. Aoi, after losing a fight against a former acquaintance, Izumi, decides to hunt him down for a rematch but somehow Rin doesn't like the idea? What does he really see her as?
The series Usotsuki na Gemini is not available in Ten Manga, will come soon.

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