Categories:   Action   Martial Arts   School Life   Seinen   Mature
Release: 2000
Author: Jeong-han Kim
Status: Updated
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WILD SCHOOL Manga Summary
You-Geon, a high school student, is saved from drowning by a mysterious girl his own age. Indeed, this girl is a North Korean agent trained to kill. The encounter which will completely change You-Geon's peaceful life means that this mysterious girl never leaves You-Geon alone for a second worried he might reveal her secret to someone. The atmosphere at the high school will never be the same again..

WILD SCHOOL Manga Chapters

The series WILD SCHOOL contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18. Please click here to continue the reading.