Categories:   Martial Arts   Seinen   Sports
Alternative: 以柔克刚; Tiểu Thư Nhu Đạo; Yawara
Release: 1986
Author: Naoki Urasawa
Status: Updated
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The story is about Yawara Inokuma , a young girl who aspires to an ordinary life but who, due to her innate talent, is forced to keep practicing judo by her authoritarian grandfather, Jigorō Inokuma, with the aim of achieving championship in Japan and the gold medal in the Barcelona's 1992 Olympic Games. Because of all the pressure from her grandfather, she has a generally bad attitude about judo, avoiding it as much as she can. However, as the manga continues, she begins to understand why her grandfather so loves judo, and she begins to appreciate it more.
The series YAWARA! is not available in Ten Manga.

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