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YO-U Manga

Categories:   Adventure   Shoujo
Alternative: 剣によって; 妖; 妖-you-; By The Sword; Ken ni Yotte
Release: 2000
Author: Matoh Sanami
Status: Updated
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YO-U Manga Summary
It takes a special man to wield a special sword. Long ago, a half-breed swordsmith forged the Moegi, a magical sword now sought by the demon hunter, Asagi. Asagi has searched the land high and low in the hope that this sword can handle his awesome might, which tends to destroy ordinary swords. He meets Kaede, a half-breed demon girl, who leads him to the Moegi. There's just one problem--only the nephew of the spirit trapped inside the blade can draw it from its sheath! Will Asagi find the nephew and make the sword his?