2023 These Days Love Special Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance   School Life   Shoujo   Slice Of Life
Alternative: 2023 요즘연애 특) ; 20화. 비로소 피어난 ; 20화. 비로소 피어난 - 영모 작가 23.05.09 ; Finally Bloomed ; Blooming at last ; 2023 These Days A special love
Author: Youngmo
Status: Updated
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2023 These Days Love Special Manga Summary
'scrolling through social media, dating lightly, ex-lovers like friends' These days, dating is like this? Haha Really? lol) A spring day full of excitement.. I will be satisfied with the webtoon again this time. ^^I translated Ch20 which is A college romance of friends to lovers asking the question can guy and girls just be friends.