A Mild Noble's Vacation Suggestion Manga

Categories:   Adventure   Fantasy   Historical   Slice Of Life
Alternative: Odayaka Kizoku no Kyuuka no Susume; Vacation Recommendations by the Nobility; 休暇だと思って楽しみます。; 穏やか貴族の休暇のすすめ。; 穏やか貴族の休暇のすすめ。@COMIC
Author: Misaki (岬)
Status: Updated
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A Mild Noble's Vacation Suggestion Manga Summary
This is a story about a young man named Rizel, the prime minister in a fantasy world who is suddenly transferred to another world. However, with his brains and his unique speech, he partners with a man named Jill and becomes a brilliant adventurer. Though he doesn't know whether he can return to his own world, Rizel will 'think of this as a vacation to enjoy another world's life'. The laidback adventures of a leisurely aristocrat! Author's note: The protagonist forges many male friendships where deep camaraderie is present, so much so that it is necessary I assert there are no romantic feelings involved and therefore not BL.