Aiomou Hito ~Sex Friend~ Manga

Categories:   Romance
Alternative: Aisou Hito; Aisou Hito - Sex Friend; Kinjirareta Koi no Himitsu; LOVE X'day; Любовники; あいおもうひと~SEX Friend~; 愛想人~SEX Friend~; 爱想人~SEX Friend~
Author: Watanabe Shiho
Status: Completed
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Aiomou Hito ~Sex Friend~ Manga Summary
The Senpai that I liked so much had a girl he loved. No matter how hard I tried, I was second place in his heart. That’s when I started to go out with my classmate, Haru, who was also having one-sided feelings. We started going out to empathize and sympathize each other’s feelings but slowly, change was starting to take place in our relationship too.