Apocalyptic Chef Awakening Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Cooking   Military   Monsters   Full Color   Long Strip   Post-Apocalyptic
Release: 2023
Author: 마일드커피
Status: Updated
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Apocalyptic Chef Awakening Manga Summary
Shin Young-jun, a sergeant chef, was greeted by the apocalypse just days before vacation. The battalion turned into chaos in an instant, and the communication network was cut off. Then something appeared before his eyes! [Congratulations on your awakening!] [Job: Novice Chef Lv.1] If I had been a warrior or an assassin, I would have tried to stand alone... What was assigned to him was chef, which is obviously a support job. There\'s nothing to be done if it\'s like this. \"From here on, I will feed you.\"